Question Time with Willy Mac and Juju & Jordash...

It’s time to begin a new chapter. Origins Live. Since our inception in a dingy cellar bar in Bath, we’ve been on an unforgettable journey, hosting some of the world’s best DJs at our parties. Moving into our fifth year, we will curate a series of truly unique experiences by welcoming revered live acts to the Origins booth.

The Inaugural Origins Live centres around the supreme talents of Juju & Jordash. Exclusively using hardware to create music, their live shows are fully immersive and improvised as the duo meticulously shepherd the emotion of the room. Their often abstract techno productions have seen a slew of releases on Dekmantel and Rush Hour Recordings, with their latest offering showcasing live jams recorded in tha club. The duo have also garnered fans from their esteemed releases on Workshop as Magic Mountain High with the genius that is Move D. Synergy.

Our editor in chief, Willy Mac (leader of the free world and Facebook groups), recently sat in with Juju & Jordash to gain some insight ahead of this weekends show, celebrated by Resident Advisor as one of the Pick's of parties in London...


Willy: Hey Guys, So How did you meet? Was it friends at first sight? 

Gal: We met through a mutual contrabass player friend, Ilya, and use to jam a lot the three of us - piano , bass and guitar, we became friends quickly. Jordan and Ilya released a record together last year as Mei Tahat !

image2 (1).JPG

Willy: ah nice, it’s clear that you guys have an extensive musical background. I've always wanted to get more into Live. Tell us about your live setup? 

Gal: The core of our setup is a tr909&606, an sh101, a polysynth such as a juno60 or jx3p, a korg poly800 II, a digi synth such as the roland d50 and lately the volca fm as well and a bunch of effects.

Willy: Wow loads of gear!! Favourite synth? 

Gal: Yamaha DX7

Jordan: Yamaha cs30

Willy: I shall pretend I know what that is… :) Do you have an idea of what you want to do beforehand or is it totally improvised? 

Gal: Its all improvised in the moment, aside from perhaps the first couple of minutes which we set up roughly during soundcheck so there is some sounds to start with.

Willy: Impressive! Outside of Juju & Jordash, do you have other musical focuses?

Jordan: Magic Mountain High (J&J with Move D), The Mulholland Free Clinic (J&J with legends Jonah Sharp and Move D) and I have some solo stuff under the name Jordan GCZ and a few other collaborations on my label, Off Minor.

Willy: Love Magic Mountain High, you guys rock it on stage!! Has Move D ever spilled wine on your hardware? 

Gal: Nope, the man takes care of his wine.

Willy: A man of fine tastes no doubt…How have you found the crowds playing parties in the UK compared in the past?

Gal: Hard to tell, each night is a complete new story really!

Willy: Very true, so what was the craziest party you’ve played?

Jordan: maybe this huge warehouse party in Moscow a few years ago

Willy:Lastly, who would you say has the best hair? 

Jordan: ME!!!

Willy: We’ll have to make our own judgements on the hair this Saturday!