Music is still a male dominated industry.

As a result of this, there’s a lot of talk about about inequality in music, and how valid it is. In a world surrounded by all male line ups, it's often thought an equal booking policy is 'forward thinking' whereas is should be 'normal thinking'. We must work together to tackle the unbalanced nature of our industry, there are so many fantastic female artists and it is our responsibility to bring them to the forefront.

Everyone is accountable. As promoters, we have the ability to deliver a message of equality to our dancers. That message is “Music is powerful. It's a language that is accepting of everyone EVERYONE, for a few hours we forget the problems of the world, we are allowed to close our eyes and experience something special. A story, delivered by beautiful artists.“

We would like to think of ourselves as a forward thinking brand, however this was not a forward thinking line up, this was simply a line up of talented musicians.

Thank you for joining and exploring it with us. The Origins Sound lives on.

From the Origins Family.