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Intertwined, One: ////// (Germany)

Our first act quite literally has perfectly honed the art of being a DJ. A turntablist of the most exquisite. A dynamic talent and widely regarded as one of this industries finest. Find me an artist who understand the relationship between isolation and steady turntables better than this, and we'll eat a wax right infront of your eyes. 
rigins: Intertwined. 

We bring you our biggest series to date. 6 shows showcasing the finest talents in house and techno, with parties hosted across Bath and London. The link between two cities has become inextricably intertwined. 

April 19th: Bath : ////// 
April 27th: London : Virgina & //// (Hotflush)
May 31st: Bath : ////// (Graded) & /// ///// (De School) All Night
June 1st: Bath : /// ///// (Mahogani)
June 30th: London: //// ////// (Ostgut Ton) & /// / 
August 18th: London: //// //////// (Coméme) & ///// ///////

The Better Sound. Est. 2012.

Brand Partners: Earpeace, Pioneer DJ, Love Saves The Day, NTIA, Resident Advisor, ACS & Evermix

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